Subject: Re: binary plist support
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/06/2007 22:44:35
In article <20071006202503.GA4888@Vigor62>,
Jachym Holecek  <> wrote:
>I've implemented ${subj} for proplib:
>The binary encoding, which is rather size-efficient and supposedly very
>fast as well (but I don't have numbers yet), is basically Apple bplist
>format. But because Apple doesn't distinguish signed integers vs. unsigned,
>the format differs slightly and uses different version number to avoid
>On the API side, binary encoding is created/parsed by the following
>  bool prop_dictionary_binary_externalize(prop_dictionary_t, uint8_t **,
>      size_t *);
>  bool prop_dictionary_binary_externalize_to_file(prop_dictionary_t,
>      const char *);
>  prop_dictionary_t prop_dictionary_binary_internalize(uint8_t *, size_t);
>and symetrically for prop_array* -- see the diff above for more
>Comments? I'd like to commit this ASAP as it's a vital prerequisity for
>merging my SoC project.

Looks ok to me, but wait for thorpej :-)