Subject: Re: PR 36963
To: Adam Hamsik <>
From: Jan Danielsson <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/19/2007 14:38:29
Hash: SHA512

Adam Hamsik wrote:
>>    "id" returns the correct information even when the problem is
>> "active". As does "user info".
> So we have permission denied error even we have good information.

   Yes. I don't know if I've actually said it explicitly, but as far as
I can tell, this problem is the *only* problem I'm having. NetBSD 4 is
very stable otherwise. And it's not behaving flakey, apart from the
permission problem. That's why I personally haven't really suspected
garbled user info data. (Also, the fact that things return to normal
when I log out with my normal user is a good indication).

> What about kauth(9) ? Can be this some unfound kauth issue lfs was not
> used too much when elad written kauth? Can you ktrace/ktruss failing ls ?

   I have, in the PR. But since you're not the first person who asks, I
assume that there's something wrong with the kdump log I made. Are there
any special flags I should be using that I haven't? Or should I post the
complete logs? (Very long for the functional ls).

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Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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