Subject: Re: Syscalls to set CPU affinity
To: None <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/15/2007 12:28:23
On Feb 5,  4:29pm, "Mindaugas R." wrote:
} > int pset_bind(psetid_t pset, idtype_t idtype, id_t id, psetid_t *opset);
} > int pset_create(psetid_t *newpset);
} > int pset_destroy(psetid_t pset);
} > int pset_assign(psetid_t pset, processorid_t cpu, psetid_t *opset);
} The only thing I am not sure is a definition of psetid_t. After some
} thinking, perhaps such one would be OK for now:
} typedef int32_t psetid_t;
} However, in future I would like to see the ability to control 64 and more
} processors in the set. The API allows dynamic allocation of the set, which

     The recently announced Sparc T2 has 8 cores, each of which has 8
threads of execution.  This means that 64 "processor" systems are now
in the commodity computer market.  Going forward, we are going to want
to be able to handle more then 64 processors, but certainly any
interface being designed today should be able to handle a minimum of 64

}-- End of excerpt from "Mindaugas R."