Subject: Re: Emulation
To: David Brownlee <>
From: [Rei] Yudha Harimantoro Tejaningrat <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/14/2007 08:37:52
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Subject: Re: Emulation

>>>  I've run Win98, 2K, XP, Linux, and other versions of NetBSD under
>>>  Qemu in NetBSD. There are a few issues with Windows Update not
>>>  always working, but any of the apps I've tried have run fine (if
>>>  somewhat slower obviously). I've even run NetBSD under qemu under
>>>  NetBSD under qemu under NetBSD under qemu under NetBSD once, but
>>>  that not necessarily useful for anything :)
>> I can run Win32 or Linux, but NetBSD can't run.
>> The emulation stop at warning: no /dev/console
>> I run WinXP at P3 RAM256 with QEMU PC emulator version 0.9.0 for Windows.
>  It possibly but unlikely to be a Windows qemu issue. Could I ask
>  how you setup your NetBSD install? Can you boot a NetBSD .iso
>  image?
The error message's in boot message when I run  "qemu.exe -L "C:\Program 
Files\Qemu\pc-bios" -m 64 -hda hda.sys -cdrom 
i386cd-3.1.iso -localtime -boot d"
And the emulation stop with the warnings.

I've run linux & win32 iso image with boot before, and everything're fine. 
No error found.
I can install on hda.sys as my image hd.

>>> [... list of emulators ...]
>> I'll try other emulator and looking for ... thx...
>  It depends on your goal. If you want to ship binaries or
>  confirm testing for specific popular systems then you
>  obviously need emulators for those, and today, most of
>  those will be x86 or x86_64. One emulator for those
>  architectures alone will cover most OS portability. qemu
>  will probably suffice.
I just run qemu [x86] because I'll build on x86 machine.

>  If you want to make sure you code is architecture portable
>  as well, then the best additional architecure to pick is
>  sparc64 - compared to the 'common' x86, its 64bit vs 32bit,
>  big endian bs little endian (while x86_64 and alpha are
>  64bit they are also little endian like x86, allowing stupid
>  code which treats a pointer to a 64bit value as a pointer
>  to a 32bit value to 'accidently' get the right 32 bits.
>  sparc64 is big endian so such code will get the wrong 32
>  bits).
>  After sparc64 I'd suggest arm, powerpc, and mips as the
>  next 'best' architectures aginst which to test, though if
>  you're going overboard then i164, sh3, alpha, vax, m68k,
>  sparc (32 bit), and even ns32k are options.
>  One nice aspect of NetBSD is you can run exactly the same
>  OS on a range of (emulated) architectures, allowing you to
>  separate testing for architecture portability issues from
>  testing for OS portability.
But the CD can't boot in emulation for the testing.
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