Subject: Re: Emulation
To: [Rei] Yudha Harimantoro Tejaningrat <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/13/2007 10:55:29
On Thu, 13 Sep 2007, [Rei] Yudha Harimantoro Tejaningrat wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm a new user in this OS's. I've a plans to change my project from Win32 to 
> *nix.
> I wanna know what can I do in this system before testing to build my projects 
> in this OS's.
> Can I emulate this OS's and what emulations programs can do it?
> I can't emulate NetBSD 3.1 on QEMU for Win32.

 	I've run Win98, 2K, XP, Linux, and other versions of NetBSD under
 	Qemu in NetBSD. There are a few issues with Windows Update not
 	always working, but any of the apps I've tried have run fine (if
 	somewhat slower obviously). I've even run NetBSD under qemu under
 	NetBSD under qemu under NetBSD under qemu under NetBSD once, but
 	that not necessarily useful for anything :)

 	Neither Vista nor OS/X currently run under qemu due to ACPI issues
 	(this is a qemu, not a NetBSD issue), but hopefully that will get

 	Additionally NetBSD has optional kernel support for running
 	binaries for some other operating systems directly:  Linux,
 	FreeBSD, Mac, Darwin, SCO, ISC, SVR4. Not all of these are
 	completely up to date, but certainly in the case of linux its
 	easy to install the suse100 packages from pkgsrc which add the
 	shared libraries and similar files needed to run most Linux
 	binaries. Its also possible to create a chroot area and build
 	linux binaries using the linux compiler on NetBSD/i386.

 	Other options for emulations include:

 		pmax arc hpcmips cobalt ebvmips algor sgimips cats
 		evbarm netwinder prep macppc pmppc dreamcast

 		Sun2/120 Sun3/150 SPARCstation 2

 		arm, mips, mipsel, ppc, sparc, x86_64

 		altair altairz80 eclipse gri h316 hp2100 i1401 i1620
 		ibm1130 id16 id32 nova pdp1 pdp10 pdp11 pdp15 pdp4 pdp7
 		pdp8 pdp9 s3 sds vax