Subject: Re: Refactoring MI devices in GENERIC and friends
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Antti Kantee <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/08/2007 21:07:35
On Sat Sep 08 2007 at 14:01:27 -0400, Michael Lorenz wrote:
> >I suggest a tool for flattening the config file, usage e.g.
> >config -f GENERIC > MYCONF
> >
> >That way you could also comment out the inclusion of, say, cardbus from
> >the config file before flattening it and get a much more trimmed-down
> >version without extra goop and a "no cardbus" statement.  This might be
> >at least slightly better for usabilty?
> Hmm, that would be a little more complex I think - you probably don't 
> want to expand files.pci for instance. Maybe include statements need a 
> flag that says 'ignore me when exporting' ?

files.pci isn't "include"'d in GENERIC.  .. Unless I'm missing something,
which very well might be the case.

The only exception I see is std.i386 (for i386 ;).

> >IMHO we should discourage home-grown kernel configs, but OTOH we can't
> >exactly do that today, tomorrow, or even next week and still have
> >everything work.  However, would be nice if the project set a policy
> >for moving towards this (or moving away from it, if so decided).
> We can't really do that without much better LKM support, as in most 
> drivers being available as modules which can be loaded and unloaded on 
> demand.

Exactly.  I am thinking we won't have that support even by next week.

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