Subject: Re: Problems with autoconf matching
To: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
From: Quentin Garnier <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/01/2007 18:53:43
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On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 05:25:17PM +0200, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:
> AIUI, as genfb returns 5 during match and intvid returns 1, autoconf =20
> should simply discard intvid and use genfb, isn't it?  It should =20
> behave as if intvid's match returned 0, as the last test I did.  But =20
> for some reason there seems to be a problem in this.  Or is my =20
> reasoning wrong?

No, and yes.

Not that anyone should blame you here.  autoconf(9) is very confusing,
and in my work-in-progress renewal of the API, I chose to make direct
and indirect configuration unmistakenly distinct.

obio(4) is not a direct configuration bus.  That means that the bus
doesn't know its children exist.  This is the same as isa(4).  Therefore
the "match" function of a driver is really a "probe" function.  A direct
configuration bus uses one of the variant of config_search(9) to attach
its children.

config_search(9) is driven by the kernel configuration file, and _not_
the hardware.  It helps the parent bus enumerates its potential (per the
configuration file) children, and let the drivers _probe_ for devices.
And each time a driver says it found a device (i.e., "match" function
returning non zero), the parent bus lets said driver attach.

If there are two drivers for a given device, then they have to
co-operate, because the parent bus has no way to know they probed the
same actual device.

You have ways around that:  for instance, you could use config_defer(9)
in intvid(4) so that it doesn't do any actual work if a genfb(4) has
attached to obio(4).

In the case of direct configuration, things are of course very
different:  the parent knows there is a device, and indeed wants the
best driver for it.

Quentin Garnier - -
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