Subject: A few SIGOPS/EuroSys 2007 articles that may be of interest
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/30/2007 18:05:29
While reading the proceeding of EuroSys 2007[1], the ACM's Special 
Interest Group in Operating Systems (SIGOPS) meeting, I came across the 
following articles that may be of interest to people working on NetBSD:

  * Thread clustering: sharing-aware scheduling on SMP-CMP-SMT
    multiprocessors, by David Tam, Reza Azimi, Michael Stumm[2]

    Talks about impact of scheduling on multi-core machines in SMP and CPU

  * hFS: a hybrid file system prototype for improving small file and
    metadata performance, by Zhihui Zhang, Kanad Ghose[3]

    Introduces a FreeBSD-based implementation of a mixture between FFS (for
    in-place metadata updating) and LFS (for out-of-place metadata
    updating). Includes performance measures against a port of NetBSD's

  * Competitive prefetching for concurrent sequential I/O, by Chuanpeng Li,
    Kai Shen, Athanasios E. Papathanasiou[4]

    How to detect and handle IO balancing. May be of interest WRT last and
    this year's "QoS" Summer-of-Code project

  * Dynamic and adaptive updates of non-quiescent subsystems in commodity
    operating system kernels, by Kristis Makris, Kyung Dong Ryu[5]

    Having kernel modules is one thing, being able to replace subsystems
    that are in use is a different problem, solved here. Shows how to
    replace like functions, and subsystems like a full scheduler while
    running. Impressive!

  * Antiquity: exploiting a secure log for wide-area distributed storage,
    by Hakim Weatherspoon, Patrick Eaton, Byung-Gon Chun, John

    Possible, BSD-licensed alternative to existing distributed file systems
    (NFS, Coda) that's designed to handle failure of arbitrary machines.
    Code is available from


  - Hubert