Subject: Re: isp(4) Qlogic based SCSI and FibreChannel SCSI Host Adapters
To: None <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/19/2007 09:47:31
> cf

Yes. Basically, only the FreeBSD and Linux ports get any immediate
attention from me these days. The OpenBSD and NetBSD ports are way
old, and I'm working on updating the Solaris port now.

I haven't had a project in quite a while that had NetBSD involved and
have had, alas, few spare cycles to keep it up to date. I'm sure that
many fine folks in the NetBSD developer's group have been doing work
on bugs as they can, but I don't know if anyone actually owns the port
at this point enough to do do a port from's tarball into

I just downloaded NetBSD 3.1 and if I have spare cycles I might throw
it on a machine, but I sure can't promise anything. I have a new (< 3
week old) baby still growing to term in the hospital still plus a 5
year old and an exhausted wife to care for along with many other
things at the moment (like making a living) to do.