Subject: Re: newlock2 breaks arm
To: None <>
From: Bucky Katz <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/17/2007 21:55:12
Michael Lorenz <> writes:

> Someone with more ARM clue than me needs to write a handful locking
> primitives to get this going again. Looking at mutex.h and rwlock.h
> on other archs it's not much work but it needs someone who knows
> what he's doing.

Are locking semantics supposed to be the same now?  Aren't there
changes beyond merely implementing the primitives differently?

Let me rephrase the question: If the only thing that changes was the
implementation of primitives, why does m:n have to come out? On the
other hand, if more changed, why do you think that just implementing
the primitives is enough to fix an arch?