Subject: Re: Table of contents addition for intro(9) manual
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/17/2007 21:27:13 wrote:

> Izumi Tsutsui <> wrote:
> > 
> > I think these entries should be merged into device driver section.
> Well, it could be moved for initial commit. But I think one will need to
> structurize it better i.e. in smaller, convenient parts.

How about the following (still rough) categorization?

* VM system
 cpu_swapout, pmap, uvm

* memory management
 kmem_alloc, kmem_free, kmem_zalloc, memoryallocators, pool,
 pool_cache, vmem, vmem_alloc, vmem_create, vmem_destroy,
 vmem_free, vmem_xalloc, vmem_xfree

* I/O subsystem
 buffercache, bufq, getiobuf, physio

* process control
 cpu_exit, cpu_switch, cpu_idle, cpu_lwp_fork, ctxsw, curproc,
 do_setresuid, fork1, ltsleep, need_resched, preempt, scheduler,
 setrunqueue, signal, suspendsched, userret

* file system
 dofileread, extattr, file, fileassoc, filedesc, fisetown, fstrans,
 namecache, namei, pathname, vattr, vfs, vfs_hooks, vfsops, vfssubr,
 vnfileops, vnode, vnodeops, vnsubr

* networking
 altq, arp, ethersubr, ieee80211, ieee80211_crypto, ieee80211_input,
 ieee80211_ioctl, ieee80211_node, ieee80211_output, ieee80211_proto,
 ieee80211_radiotap, in4_cksum, in_getifa, m_tag, mbuf, pfil,
 rssadapt, rt_timer, tcp_congctl

* locking and interrupt control
 lock, makeiplcookie, mb, mutex, ras, rwlock, softintr, spl, splraiseipl

* security
 kauth, opencrypto, secmodel, secmodel_bsd44, secmodel_overlay,

* system time control
 callout, cpu_initclocks, delay, hardclock, hz, inittodr, itimerfix,
 microtime, microuptime, mstohz, ppscheck, ratecheck, resettodr,
 time_second, timecounter, todr

* kernel and user space data copy functions
 copy, fetch, store, uiomove

* kernel event and thread
 kcont, kfilter_register, knote, kthread, selrecord, workqueue,
 workqueue_create, workqueue_destroy, workqueue_enqueue,

* machine dependent kernel functions
 cpu_coredump, cpu_dumpconf, cpu_number, cpu_reboot, cpu_startup,
 cpu_rootconf, cpu_startup, disklabel

* device configuration
 autoconf, config, cpu_configure, driver

* MI device driver API
 bus_dma, bus_space, disk, dmover(?), dopowerhooks, evcnt(?),
 firmload, ioctl, linedisc

* console devices
 cnmagic, cons, rasops, vcons, wscons, wsdisplay, wsfont, wskbd, wsmouse

* device specific implementation
 audio, bluetooth, cardbus, ddc, edid, iic, ioasic, isa, isapnp, mca,
 microseq, pci, pci_configure_bus, pci_intr, pckbport, pcmcia, ppi,
 radio, rnd, scsipi, tc, ucom, usbdi, vme, wdc

* kernel helper functions
 KASSERT, bcdtobin, bcmp, bcopy, bitmask_snprintf, bzero, condvar,
 extent, hash, hashinit, humanize_number, imax, kcopy, kprintf, log,
 malloc, memcmp, memcpy, memmove, memset, optstr, panic, pmatch, setjmp

* misc (where to go?)
 dopowerhooks, doshutdownhooks, errno, ipkdb, pmc,
 powerhook_establish, shutdownhook_establish, sysctl

Izumi Tsutsui