Subject: twa(4) vs. nonzero LUN
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/16/2007 14:37:54
I'm currently working on getting a machine with a 3ware 9550SX and 16
750G drives ready for production use.  One of the stumbling blocks I'm
coming up against is that our twa(4) driver doesn't seem to support the
controller exporting disks with a LUN != 0 - which means that 3ware's
"boot volume" is useless to me.    What I'd _like_ to do is create a
14-disk RAID5, and create a 40G boot volume so that I don't have to deal
with a boot volume that's too big for an MBR.  If I do this, however,
twa(4) only reports the 40G drive, but not the big one, because the
controller exports it as unit 0, lun 1.

A quick look at the twa(4) driver and ld_twa.c lead me to believe that
the lun issue is never really addressed - it also convinces me that
storage drivers really aren't my thing.  :)  I would greatly appreciate
it if Someone In The Know would glance at it and at least tell me what
needs to be done.  I've filed PR kern/35591 to track the issue.