Subject: Re: azalia(4) mmap() support?
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/16/2007 08:50:42
"Blair Sadewitz" writes:
> I just noticed in my dmesg that azalia(4) does not support mmap()ing
> of the device. 

What are you seeing in the dmesg that tells you this? 

> This probably explains many of the issues I've had
> getting pulseaudio and jack to work properly.

I've got an azalia in a laptop that works just fine, but an azalia in 
an IBM ThinkCentre box that doesn't want to send any audio out the 

> 1) Does the OSS emulation layer properly report the lack of mmap() capability
> ?

> 2) Is there a specific issue keeping this from being implemented?

Dunno either, but I'm interested in making it go, if it's the same 
problem I'm seeing :) 

Out of curiosity, when you run xmmix (might have to install from 
pkgsrc), what do you see?  On most boxes I'll see things like PCM, 
Line, Line-1, Mic, CD, Speaker, Master, etc.  On the box with the 
"broken" azalia, I only see Mic and Speaker.... 


Greg Oster