Subject: problems in a full ffs file system
To: '' <>
From: Peter Jordan <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/16/2007 13:27:59

we have a Problem in NetBSD 3.0 and ffs filesystem.

If we fill as a root user a ffs file system until no space is available, we
get corrupted files.

	/home: write failed, file system is full

	/dev/wd0g     970M     970M      -48M   105%    /home

After that, the root user is able to create files like:

	echo 'aaaaaaaaa' > ffs_test

this file (ffs_test) is ok.

After making this file bigger with:
	cat ffs_test >> ffs_test

this file (ffs_test) is corrupt.

This error occurs if we mounted this filesystem in softdep-mode and
default-mode. With mounting this filesystem in synchronous mode, this error
DOES NOT occur. Also by filling the filesystem as a non root user, who is
not able to write more then 100 %, the error DOES NOT occur.

On other systems we get even coredumps after panic and some other problems
occured (e.g. binaries die not start anymore).

Seems to be a bigger bug?!

Best regards