Subject: Fun Things To Come
To: None <>
From: Bucky Katz <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/15/2007 15:58:08
Apropos a discussion in current I've been asked to post the following
information here:

My team has been working on NetBSD for a little over a year now. We've
already submitted an OMAP port and people are curious what else we're
playing with. Not everything mentioned below is directly kernel
related. I just wanted to put the entire list in one place.

I can't promise that any of the following will show up in NetBSD, but
these are all projects we're working on and would like to contribute:

1) Power management for embedded devices, with driver implementations
   for omap. This is *not* ACPI based; so we're not certain that it'll
   be accepted. It is, however, a more appropriate approach for
   embedded devices.

2) MI NAND flash support.

3) USB Device support -- this is a kernel subsystem that supports
   using NetBSD on a USB device, not device support for the current
   NetBSD host implementation

4) Pthread debugging changes -- impacted by m:n changes, which is what
   lead to the discussion that led to the suggestion that we post this

5) userlevel priority support in pthreads, for uniprocessor embedded
   applications. We've got a patch ready to go on this, but it's in
   limbo because it interacts with changes made to pthreads to support
   the removal of m:n

6) omap dmac support

7) Support for gpio interrupt handling in the MI gpio layer

8) Various bug fixes:

   * GDB support for pthreads -- submitted this already
   * irq bug in ep93xx
   * partial kgdb for tsarm/ep93xx -- submitted this already
   * support for omap com in sys/dev/ic/com... -- submitted