Subject: re: Adding /proc/swaps to linux compat code
To: Arnaud Lacombe <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 02/01/2007 05:40:24
   > sizes are stored in DEV_BSIZE units, so you should adjust the value of
   > se_nblks and se_inuse with "/ 1024 * DEV_BSIZE" or something.  i'm not
   > really sure which order would be best for those two operation, in order
   > to avoid integer underflow or overflow issues.  please also update the
   > comment to reflect this...

   hum, sizes reported depend of `swd_bsize', which depend of 
   `statvfs->f_iosize' which could be different of DEV_BSIZE, but who want 
   to have swap device on CD-rw :). btw, DEV_BSIZE / 1024 is 1/2, but I'll 
   update the patch anyway :)

swd_bsize is only used by files anyway.  you want to report the
se_nblks/se_inuse which are stored in DEV_BSIZE units.

btw, you should perhaps skip swapent's with SWF_FAKE set in the
se_flags word.