Subject: Re: The radeon framebuffer device panics init (on i386)
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/23/2006 11:18:50
Michael Lorenz écrit :

> Thanks.
> Hmm, so you r display does provide EDID data after all. I didn't see any 
> EDID stuff in your dmesg output but since the default mode used by 
> radeonfb is the same as what your display reports that doesn't matter 
> for now.

It is supposed to do so?

> Xorg apparently manages to get data out of the BIOS - probably by 
> calling it which we can't really do in a supposedly machine-independent 
> driver ( the same thing works just fine on my iBook for instance ) - to 
> do this we'd have to split up the driver into machine dependent parts.

I think Xorg scans all the PCI bus, detects overlaps, and decides to map 
the video BIOS in a hole. That we can't do at start, because the attach 
process do not keep track of the (yet) allocated PCI addresses and 
range, as far as I know. Which is a pity.

> Does CRT output work with radeonfb? A halfway modern monitor might give 
> some hints how exactly frequencies are screwed up ( like doubled, 
> completely off or whatever - might be interesting since all clocks are 
> generated from one reference clock and ATI did pull some stunts with 
> that in the past with some mach64 using ~14.7MHz, others ~29.4MHz )

I've not tested CRT output yet, will do that now.