Subject: Re: The radeon framebuffer device panics init (on i386)
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/20/2006 19:11:58
Michael Lorenz scriv˛ :

>> That 1024x768@60 Hz happens to be exactly the same videomode I use 
>> with X (which obviously works since I am writing this mail ;)). I'll 
>> try to see if by chance something is wrong with the dividers or that 
>> kind of stuff.
> Please do that.

That was, as we say over here in France, a Gascon's promise. I cannot 
keep it because I lack the proper tool to dump the registers of the 
radeon chip. I have no real documentation, at that. Does anybody know of 
pointer to a kind of datasheet or something?

> Possible - that happens on R3xx-based chips and I committed a workaround 
> a few days ago. To enable it look into radeonfb_init_screen():
>     if (!IS_R300(dp->rd_softc)) {
>         ri->ri_ops.putchar = radeonfb_putchar;
>     }
> and make sure that radeonfb_putchar isn't used ( just comment it out or 
> something )
> This will lead to all characters being drawn in software. Scrolling and 
> so on will still be done using the blitter.

Does nothing. I guess it is related to clocking, because before blinking 
out, the screen mangles what is already displayed.