Subject: Re: The radeon framebuffer device panics init (on i386)
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 12/19/2006 22:10:03
Michael Lorenz escribit:

>> time the radeonfb driver is attached, so I assume the code, founding 
>> no suitable BIOS (the patch I wrote sets cf->cf_biossz to 0) makes 
>> (wrong) guesses about the default configuration.
> There's a #define at the beginning of radeonfb.c which sets a default 
> video mode which is going to be used when there's no information about 
> the display available - should be "1024x768@60". The mode must be one 
> defined in src/sys/dev/videomodes/videomodes.c - maybe try a few others 
> that more closely match whatever your display likes.

That 1024x768@60 Hz happens to be exactly the same videomode I use with 
X (which obviously works since I am writing this mail ;)). I'll try to 
see if by chance something is wrong with the dividers or that kind of stuff.

But again, maybe also everything is fine and it is just drawing black 
glyphes on a black background?

Thanks for your input & help!