Subject: Re: RAID-diagnostic with amr-driver
To: '' <>
From: Peter Jordan <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/30/2006 10:59:08
Thanks for the Info.

How I can recreate the device-nodes as decscribed in the link below. At =
moment I have NetBSD 3.0 and there is no amr device=20
in /dev/. Only ld0a and so on.


PS: The first answer was with the the german prefix "AW" in the subject
field not with "Re"

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Betreff: Re: RAID-diagnostic with amr-driver

Manuel Bouyer wrote:

>> Is there any possibility to get information about an harddisk error? =
>> one hardisk fails. How we get this error and can send an message to
>> the broken harddisk.
> You can use the in-tree amrctl. I have added this to my =
> /sbin/amrctl stat -f /dev/amr0 -b
> /sbin/amrctl stat -f /dev/amr0 -l0

I'm using this: