Subject: pthreads internals
To: None <>
From: Mindaugas <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 11/10/2006 01:12:44

1. Linux threads are emulated as processes. Would be good benefit to improve
this to use a native threading implementation. The more complex part is a
userland pthreads library with specific SA calls. Have we any thoughts about
implementing this part?

2. There is still a priority scheduling in TODO. Currently threads do not
compete among themselves. Any thoughts how this part should be done? Some
prioritizing in PTQ queue, something like donice() for processes, other?

2. NetBSD POSIX threads supports only a SCHED_OTHER option, which is an
implementation of time-sliced SCHED_RR ("round-robin"). How about SCHED_FIFO,
conforming a POSIX, with SA implementation?

Please fire some light :) Thanks.

Best regards,