Subject: Re: KAUTH_REQ_NETWORK_SOCKET_OPEN (Re: CVS commit: src)
To: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
From: Elad Efrat <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/30/2006 13:06:29
YAMAMOTO Takashi wrote:
>> Module Name:	src
>> Committed By:	elad
>> Date:		Wed Oct 25 22:49:24 UTC 2006
>> Modified Files:
>> 	src/share/examples/secmodel: secmodel_example.c
>> 	src/share/man/man9: kauth.9
>> 	src/sys/kern: uipc_socket.c
>> 	src/sys/net: raw_usrreq.c
>> 	src/sys/netinet: raw_ip.c
>> 	src/sys/secmodel/bsd44: secmodel_bsd44_suser.c
>> 	src/sys/sys: kauth.h
>> Log Message:
>> Introduce KAUTH_REQ_NETWORK_SOCKET_OPEN, to check if opening a socket is
>> allowed. It takes three int * arguments indicating domain, type, and
>> protocol. Replace previous KAUTH_REQ_NETWORK_SOCKET_RAWSOCK with it (but
>> keep it still).
> why pointers?

errrr.... good catch. at one time I had an idea to pass pointers to some
of these so we can stop using casts, but it turned out that it'd add
more issues than before.

these should be "three int arguments".


Elad Efrat