Subject: Re: Veriexec enabled by default
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Elad Efrat <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/26/2006 19:27:51
Jason Thorpe wrote:

> What is the performance impact of "in there, but not enabled"?

Okay, I ran lmbench multiple times on my GENERIC+DIAGNOSTIC+LOCKDEBUG
kernel. The "no-veriexec" results are when Veriexec options are not even
compiled in the kernel. The "veriexec-nop" results are when Veriexec is
compiled in, but not used.

no-veriexec-1:Process fork+exit: 1300.6000 microseconds
no-veriexec-1:Process fork+execve: 2558.3333 microseconds
no-veriexec-1:Process fork+/bin/sh -c: 5557.0000 microseconds

veriexec-nop-1:Process fork+exit: 1281.6000 microseconds
veriexec-nop-1:Process fork+execve: 2588.3333 microseconds
veriexec-nop-1:Process fork+/bin/sh -c: 5583.0000 microseconds

no-veriexec-2:Process fork+exit: 1296.6000 microseconds
no-veriexec-2:Process fork+execve: 2566.3333 microseconds
no-veriexec-2:Process fork+/bin/sh -c: 5563.0000 microseconds

veriexec-nop-2:Process fork+exit: 1283.6000 microseconds
veriexec-nop-2:Process fork+execve: 2601.3333 microseconds
veriexec-nop-2:Process fork+/bin/sh -c: 5610.0000 microseconds

no-veriexec-3:Process fork+exit: 1298.6000 microseconds
no-veriexec-3:Process fork+execve: 2566.3333 microseconds
no-veriexec-3:Process fork+/bin/sh -c: 5567.0000 microseconds

veriexec-nop-3:Process fork+exit: 1300.4000 microseconds
veriexec-nop-3:Process fork+execve: 2584.6667 microseconds
veriexec-nop-3:Process fork+/bin/sh -c: 5609.0000 microseconds


Elad Efrat