Subject: Netbsd 4 kernel crash on startup
To: None <>
From: Sigmund Skjelnes <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/22/2006 18:40:42
To get a NetBSD install which is supporting my Gigabyte GN-WPKG wireless
card, I'd have tried to install NetBSD several times, but have failed so
far. The 3.0.1 version claims that it supports the card, but in fact it
do not so: Ralink......not configured.

Current and the various 4beta installs get a kernel crash on startup,
the last item on the startup screen is piixpcib0... and the next line is
supervisor kernel trap...... and then the debugger prompt. Current have
been built on the machine, so the code should fit the processor if it is
correctly detected. Cannot find any core dump or something for the
debugging, /var/log/messages show no trace of the event. 

Did make another kernel GENERIC_DIAGNOSTIC, but the result is crash, and
it does'nt look like more info is gained.

Is there a possibility that this could be solved?

I'm not on the list, please address the response to me and the list.

Sigmund Skjelnes