Subject: Re: Journaling for FFS
To: None <>
From: Jorgen Lundman <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 10/02/2006 17:39:42
Jochen Kunz wrote:
> Well. As we now have an, at least in -current, working LFS, I sugest to
> concentrate efforts on LFS. LFS will give you better performance then
> FFS with the instant crash recovery a journaled FFS would deliver.
> I found LFS to be stable in day to day operation, including bad
> situations like nearly full file systems and crashes. (The crashes where
> not caused by LFS.) AFAIK there are some issues with resize_lfs(8) and
> there are no snapshots. If you wane spend some time with NetBSD working
> on a file system, I sugest to invest your energy into LFS.

I may very well be incorrect with this, but one of the nicest things with 
logging in Solaris is that it is just a mount option. I can chose to turn it on, 
or off, later if I had forgotten to do so at setup.

LFS has to be newfs'ed, which makes it a huge hassle, especially if you want to 
just try it for a while to see if it is stable. You can't just un-LFS back.

If there was a tool to LFS-ify an existing FFS filesystem, then we'd be cookin'!

... Is that still the case?


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