Subject: anyone want to help teach online class on NetBSD development?
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/19/2006 11:44:12
(I bcc'd this to tech-kern.)

It seems like it would be very useful and quite interesting to have online 
instruction covering:

1) how to port NetBSD

2) developing (or porting) drivers

This would be useful for existing developers and for potential 

Porting the NetBSD class maybe could be done by using an emulator or cheap 
hardware. (The instruction could be just one area of the porting, such as 
boot loader.)

And the driver class could be done by using some inexpensive hardware (or 
maybe non-hardware based driver).

The courses could be informal and students join as they please.

But the actual class would have a defined start date, course session 
times, and ending date.

The class could include a weekly or twice weekly lesson (maybe an hour in 
length). This lesson could be done as an HTML (or other presentation) and 
using irc (or other). Then this would be immediately be made available as 
a webpage for those who miss the class and for reference. (I am sure 
students can help make the webpages.)

The group of students and interested experts and instructors can have a 
mailing list to discuss questions of the development.

This could be done as a volunteer basis, or if instructors need to be paid 
I am sure students could pay some.

I can coordinate this.

Basically the instructor(s) would:

- choose the hardware they will cover, 
- define their goals for the training sessions,
- provide students with tasks to do and other exercises,
- point the students to examples and documentation (and/or write new docs),
- participate on the mailing list about class questions,
- and select some dates for the training.

Anyone interested in teaching?

Anyone interested in participating?

Jeremy C. Reed