Subject: Re: aue panic in 3.0
To: None <>
From: Hans Petter Selasky <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/14/2006 12:49:44
On Thursday 14 September 2006 10:47, Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 02:44:46PM +0200, Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:
> > I've seen occasional aue panics (on netbsd-3.0), due to ltsleep() in
> > multicast filter setting in interupt context - I think related to
> > neighbour discovery. Is this a known and fixed in -current bug, or do I
> > need to hunt that one myself?

The thing is that the USB drivers do alot of illegal things, and finally the 
problems are starting to show up. What you need, is a separate "config 
thread" that does all of the configuration requests. If you look at the new 
"if_aue.c" for FreeBSD, you will see that this problem has already been 

Maybe you want to try out the new USB driver for FreeBSD 6/7:

# First get all the sources:

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
       checkout svn://

# The following commands will
# install the driver on FreeBSD 6/7:

cd i4b/trunk/i4b/FreeBSD.usb
make S=../src package
make install

# Then build a new kernel (with modules)

If you read the README.TXT file in "i4b/trunk/i4b/README.TXT", then you will 
see that the code also compiles on NetBSD. But you might have to do some 
slight quirks before "if_aue.c" will compile.

> To document:
> ltsleep,
> usbd_transfer
> usb_do_request_flags_pipe
> usb_do_request_flags
> aud_csr_read_1
> aue_setmulti
> aue_ioctl
> in6_addmulti
> in6_joingroup
> in6_update_ifa
> in6_ifadd
> prelist_update
> nd6_ra_input
> icmp6_input
> Is usbd_transfer supposed to not be called from interupt context?