Subject: ci_idepth and CLKF_INTR
To: None <>
From: ming lei <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/11/2006 19:26:55

In 3.0, there is a macro called CLKF_INTR defined as follows, which is used 
currently by statclock() to calculate ticks in interrupt context:

#define CLKF_INTR(frame)  curcpu()->ci_idepth > 1)

this ci_idepth is the intrrupt depth which increase and decrease in 
interrupt or softint context. From the macro name and its sole usage 
suggested, should it be like that:

#define CLKF_INTR(frame)  curcpu()->ci_idepth > 0) to inidicate it's inside 
the interrupt or softint?