Subject: Re: HEADS UP: timecounters (branch simonb-timecounters) merged into
To: Frank Kardel <>
From: Mike Pumford <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/10/2006 14:26:49
Frank Kardel wrote:
> Mike Pumford wrote:

> Congrats, pls run t.c as an additional test to test that time does not ever
> go backwards. You should *not* see any *negative* diff values from t.c
> positive ones are usually ok due to scheduling.
Seems to pass the no negative diff values test. The test program 
consistently complains about a positive difference. I've attached a 
couple of lines of output:

bad time TSA: 0x4504123e.05781845, TSB: 0x4504123e.0610d5ea, diff = 
10010021 nsec, 20000040 nsec
bad time TSA: 0x4504123e.06a94761, TSB: 0x4504123e.07420506, diff = 
10010021 nsec, 20000540 nsec

Is this within tolerance or have I got some tweaking to do. The system 
is a 200MHz StrongARM system with a fairly slow DRAM memory bus.