Subject: Re: [Fwd: a proposal for next major (5.x)]
To: None <>
From: Garrett D'Amore <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/07/2006 11:16:06 wrote:
>> I do have other opinions, of course.  Like wtf is pdp10 doing in sys/
>> since it can't even build much less boot (and never has been able to do
>> either of those), but that's a different issue.
> Where should it be kept then?   And what is your problem?  I doubt
> space in the CVS tree is any concern.

Its the amount of time dealing with things like output from grep, and
find, etc.  And, should, for example, we have to sustain MI hacks for
this platform, if it can't boot?  I don't think that is the right
answer.   I think if a platform is in src, it should have at least one
real user, and be able to build and boot to a shell.  Otherwise the code
has no value to the _project_.

I'm also not supposing that we should remove the code entirely.  I just
think "src" isn't the right place for a project that is still
incubating.  Once the platform gets to the point that it boots to a
shell, and can build it, then sure, go ahead and put it in
src.  In the meantime, other CVS repositories could be used, such as
"othersrc" or some kind of new "incubation" repository.  But, this is my

> And at least for me it both compiles and boots (up to the point that
> the root filesystem should be mounted).

Certainly not with ./ then.   I'm surprised to hear you say it
boots, I cleared several panics from inittodr and company the other
day.  But then again, this is code that would get called _after_ root is
mounted.  If you can't mount a root filesystem, then I would argue you
aren't booting.

> I think it's of benefit of the project to be able to support older
> architectures (obviously as opposed to your opinion).  

Do we actually "support" pdp10?   Or is this just still a project in
incubation?   If you can't get to a single user shell on any system,
then I contend we don't "support" this platform at all.

    -- Garrett

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