Subject: Re: sysinst to vnd0: Rewrite of MBR failed. I can't continue.
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/04/2006 04:41:47
On Mon, 4 Sep 2006, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> I've tracked things down to the pwrite() call in sysinst's write_mbr() 
> failing with sector=0, but I don't know how to interpret this, esp. as this 
> used to work. Is writing to the start of a vnd device prohibited now?

FWIW, ktrace says:

  15463      1 sysinst  CALL  open(0xbfbfe0f4,1,0x64)
  15463      1 sysinst  NAMI  "/dev/rvnd0d"
  15463      1 sysinst  RET   open 3
  15463      1 sysinst  CALL  pwrite(3,0xbfbfe4f4,0x200,0,0,0)
  15463      1 sysinst  RET   pwrite -1 errno 5 Input/output error

(um... according to our manpage, pwrite only takes 4 args, not 6... what's 
going on?)

  - Hubert