Subject: Re: Making a common API for cpu frequency drivers
To: Quentin Garnier <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 09/01/2006 16:31:02
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Quentin Garnier wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 03:01:20PM -0700, Tom Spindler wrote:
>  =20
>>> OTOH, we also have sysmon(4), used by envsys(8), powerd(8) and
>>> wdogctl(8).  [....]
>>>      =20
>> I don't mean this as a troll, but where's the documentation for
>> sysmon(4)? The fine manpage sysmon(4) doesn't exist, and envsys(4)
>> says "This API is experimental and may be deprecated at any time".
>> and "This entire API should be replaced by a sysctl(8) interface
>> or a kernel events mechanism, should one be developed."
>> So, er, is envsys/sysmon really suitable as a basis for layering
>> other subsystems?
>>    =20
> The ENVSYS part is...  not bright.  I think that sysmon is worth
> refactoring and extending, though.
>  =20

Part of the problem with envsys is that certain things were botched when
it was brought under the sysmon umbrella (assumptions violated, etc).  I
have been very slowly (very) working on this here as time permits.


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