Subject: Initial work on NetBSD client support
To: None <>
From: ober <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 07/14/2006 13:09:47
Hi folks,
 	I have been working on and off on a working openafs client for NetBSD. 
I know some folks have arla working, but my goal is to get NetBSD up the level 
that OpenBSD is.

Having worked on the OpenBSD port for OpenAFS I am very happy with the work 
that Jim Rees has put into making that platform work.
Most my work so far for NetBSD has been just copying the existing code from 
OpenBSD and updating as needed.
Right now I am working on the osi_vnodeops.c.

Just wanted to see if anyone else is interested in assisting as the amount of 
time I have to dedicate to this varies from day to day.

I can provide a diff for openafs-1.4.1 for anyone interested.