Subject: RFC: merge chap-midi branch
To: None <>
From: Chapman Flack <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/19/2006 01:11:25

The chap-midi branch has just been sync'd up to -current. It has been
working reliably for me on the platform and with the hardware I am
able to test.  Most of the changes (although I have continued making
a few through this week) have been available in the branch for a few
weeks now for others to try out.

It addresses a number of PRs (32441, 32442, 32567, 32588, 32651, 32694,
33590), improves performance of USB and UART links (in some case manyfold), implements more of the MIDI semantics in midisyn, clarifies the interfaces
between midi(4) and link drivers, and between midisyn and synth drivers,
and between userland and the sequencer.

Although midisyn (and therefore internal synth chips) will still need
to support more of the standard MIDI semantics to produce convincing
output (lack of support for the percussion channel may be the most
noticeable), they are now in a state where adding support for additional
MIDI controllers should be straightforward, as should adding midisyn
attachments to soundcard drivers whose synthesizer functions are not yet
supported. (Anybody wanna do emuxki?)  USB or UART links to real external
synths and controllers perform well enough for some kinds of real work.

I propose merging this branch to -current some time in the coming week.
That could be toward the end of the week if I hear from anyone who would
really like (and intends to use) that time to test and evaluate the code
in the branch; OTOH if no one will really do that, I'd be inclined to
merge more like midweek so the code will be more widely available for
testing in -current.

Does anyone know of any complications?