Subject: new branch with com changes....
To: None <>
From: Garrett D'Amore <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/15/2006 09:58:41
I've created a new branch with my changes and rototill for com(4) and
attachment points.  I have *not* touched every MD-specific attachment
point yet.  But at least I think sparc, i386, and evbmips/alchemy
evbmips/atheros are done.  As are MI cardbus, ISA, PCI/puc, and PCMCIA
attachment points.

I'd like to ask folks who are willing to go ahead and try this branch
out, and also to visually review the changes, especially to com.c and

If anyone wants to volunteer for other MD-specific attachment points,
great.  Otherwise I'll go ahead and continue converting them in the
branch, and just "hope" that they work.  Unfortunately, I don't even
have build environments for some of these archs (like sh5/sh3, macppc,
etc) setup right now, much less have actual hardware available for testing.

Garrett D'Amore, Principal Software Engineer
Tadpole Computer / Computing Technologies Division,
General Dynamics C4 Systems
Phone: 951 325-2134  Fax: 951 325-2191