Subject: Re: est driver adjustment
To: Chapman Flack <>
From: Juraj Hercek <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/10/2006 20:58:25
Chapman Flack wrote:
> What I'm thinking is that maybe the sysctl node names can be changed to
> indicate millivolts, or "mV" could be added as a descriptive string,
> like so:
>     if (0 != (*rc = sysctl_createv(NULL, 0, &estnode, &voltnode,
>         0, CTLTYPE_NODE, "voltage", "mV",
>         NULL, 0, NULL, 0, CTL_CREATE, CTL_EOL)))
>         return (0);
> A small detail, but would take one more thing off the list of things
> people have to go read the source to find out. :)
Yep, that's good point. I'll fix this. Actually I should put more 
comments and maybe write some tests as well. Although, I don't know how 
to do unit testing in kernel space... Is something like that even possible?

-- Juraj