Subject: Re: est driver adjustment
To: Juraj Hercek <>
From: Chapman Flack <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/10/2006 14:42:07
Juraj Hercek wrote:
> Heh, no gloves needed :). If I understood original sources properly, 
> it's in millivolts, so the ranges are from 0.988 to 1.340 volts (default 

Ok. mV was one of my first thoughts, but then I'm not very familiar with
the actual core voltage ranges on modern cpus so I wasn't sure if that
might be low.  While you were responding I looked in your source and saw
that the variable names suggested mV.

What I'm thinking is that maybe the sysctl node names can be changed to
indicate millivolts, or "mV" could be added as a descriptive string,
like so:

	if (0 != (*rc = sysctl_createv(NULL, 0, &estnode, &voltnode,
	    0, CTLTYPE_NODE, "voltage", "mV",
		return (0);

A small detail, but would take one more thing off the list of things
people have to go read the source to find out. :)