Subject: metahook(9)
To: None <>
From: Elad Efrat <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/08/2006 20:25:42
(I'm not subscribed to this list so CC me on replies please)


I have a working abstraction of Veriexec's meta-data code in a generic
API to allow more than one "consumer" to associate private data with
files. (device/inode pairs)

It's strictly a kernel interface, and it offers an easy to use API
to manage and access the hash tables previously used exclusively by
Veriexec, as well as "register" slots for private data storage with
each device/inode pair.

There are at least two other uses I need this stuff for, so I figured
we just make it an interface.

Down to business...

The code, and man-page (with code examples to illustrate how easy it
is to use that stuff) is available at:

as well as a diff to Veriexec to adapt it to the new interface.

Tested, of course.

What I'm looking for:

  - Whether you like it or not;
  - Comments on the interface and possible improvements;
  - Anything else you have in mind.

There's going to be at least a period of two weeks for peer review so
take your time with it to comment/ask whatever is on your mind, if any..



Elad Efrat