Subject: Re: qtopia
To: None <>
From: Garrett D'Amore <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/03/2006 21:23:40
Thomas E. Spanjaard wrote:
> Michael Lorenz wrote:
>> David Laight wrote:
>>> Except that some of us can't look at CRT displays with refresh rates
>>> below 85Hz without seeing 'large area flicker' - which hurts.
>> Then you should switch resolution as well.
>> On a TFT that doesn't make much sense though and I think we should
>> have reasonable support for both cases.
> Well, if the monitor supports certain modes with >=85Hz vertrefresh,
> the display driver should as well (if the RAMDAC supports it, that
> is). On a sidenote, I have my two IIyama VMP454s running at
> 1600x1200x32 @ 100Hz without problem. As for TFTs, I was under the
> impression that the analog refresh rate doesn't matter because the
> internal analog->digital panel converter has no glow decay like a CRT
> (same goes for the refresh rate of a panel connected via DVI btw).

This is true.  Most panels prefer to run at 60Hz.  Driving them faster
serves no purpose, AFAIK can actually be detrimental (increased power
consumption and wear?)

    -- Garrett
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