Subject: Re: qtopia
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Thomas E. Spanjaard <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 06/03/2006 23:19:50
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Michael Lorenz wrote:
> David Laight wrote:
>> Except that some of us can't look at CRT displays with refresh rates
>> below 85Hz without seeing 'large area flicker' - which hurts.
> Then you should switch resolution as well.
> On a TFT that doesn't make much sense though and I think we should have 
> reasonable support for both cases.

Well, if the monitor supports certain modes with >=85Hz vertrefresh, the 
display driver should as well (if the RAMDAC supports it, that is). On a 
sidenote, I have my two IIyama VMP454s running at 1600x1200x32 @ 100Hz 
without problem. As for TFTs, I was under the impression that the analog 
refresh rate doesn't matter because the internal analog->digital panel 
converter has no glow decay like a CRT (same goes for the refresh rate 
of a panel connected via DVI btw).

         Thomas E. Spanjaard

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