Subject: Re: merge of freebsd eventhandler
To: None <>
From: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/28/2006 00:20:18
> > and they make _EVENTHANDLER_INVOKE even bigger...
> > 
> Not by a whole lot, the mask function adds a couple more terms to an
> if conditional, run once adds a simple if statement.  Not large
> changes.

i can agree if it isn't a macro.

> > a big downside is _EVENTHANDLER_INVOKE itself,
> > which is a big and complex macro.
> > 
> It is, there is no arguing with that.  We do have other macros which
> are of about the same complexity - see queue.h for examples.

well, queue.h doesn't call lockmgr. :-)

a better example here would be MALLOC.  i don't think
it's a good idea either.