Subject: Re: question about CARP
To: George Chen <>
From: Liam J. Foy <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/17/2006 08:44:42
On 17 May 2006, at 05:32, George Chen wrote:

> Hi Liam,
> I solved the problem.
> The problem is caused by command
> Ifconfig carp0 down.
> Where carp0 is virtual interface.
> If I bring down the physical interface, to which carp0 binds, the  
> failover
> could happen!
> Cheers!
> George

I quote,

'Just curious, what happens when you down the physically interface.  
EG, if the
carpdev for carp0 is 'rtk0' and carp1 is 'rtk1', what happens if you:

ifconfig rtk0 down ?
Liam J. Foy'

Good to hear!

		Liam J. Foy