Subject: looking for definitive VESA DMT specs
To: None <,,>
From: Garrett D'Amore <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/10/2006 16:32:30
(Sorry for the broad cross-post.)

I'm looking for the definitive list of VESA "Discrete Monitor Timings",
so that I can incorporate them into the automatic EDID support that I'm
adding to NetBSD.  I've taken some modes from X11 mode lines, but some
of the modes that EDID refers to are missing, and I think others might
have deviations from the VESA specs.

I'd like to get the "official list" of VESA DMT modes (including all the
timing data needed to set up monitor modes -- e.g. the kind of data that
would normally be in an X11 ModeLine.)

If anyone has this information available to them, or has a copy of the
spec that they can loan me, I'd appreciate it.  (The spec is available
from VESA, but it costs like ~$350, and I'd rather not have to fork over
just to get the official list.)  The upshot of this will be improved
monitor detection and mode selection by framebuffer drivers like
radeonfb (to be integrated later), and probably also machfb, voodoofb,
and vesafb.


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