Subject: question about CARP
To: None <>
From: George Chen <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/09/2006 12:34:35

I have a question about CARP.

I have two firewalls named fw1 and fw2. eth0 and eth0 are two interfaces on
both fw1 and fw2. It works well when fw1 serves as MASTER, which means
fw1.eth0 and fw1.eth1 are all MASTER. The problem is, when I down fw1.eth0
and therefore fw1.eth0 becomes BACKUP while fw2.eth0 becomes MASTER, will
fw1.eth1 failovers to fw2.eth1? I didn't see that fw1.eth1 becomes BACKUP,
which leads to the traffic fails.

I don't know if CARPs on different interfaces but one same appliance are
associated. If not, CARP can't help if individual interface fails. Am I
right? If yes, how does it implemented?

Thanks for all your time,

George Chen