Subject: Re: Changes for proplib to reduce kernel bloat
To: None <>
From: Tom Spindler <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/08/2006 06:48:03
> >that my first instinct would be to parse the XML at user level, and use
> >some sort of TLV representation for the kernel interface.
> Well, as long as there's support for SOME representation that can be
> passed to the kernel, in common code that doesn't have to be reinvented
> by each driver author who wants to do something similar. IIUC, the 'XML'
> parser in proplib is just a lightweight parser for enough "XML" to
> represent proplib objects ... maybe it's good enough?

Am I being particuarly oblivious in that I'm not understanding what
exactly proplib's _intended_ use is? From the various commits and
rototillery, it involves something with device drivers and other
goo - but what exactly that use is eludes me. (The manpage and
includes aren't illuminative, either.)