Subject: Re: devprop bogosity
To: Garrett D'Amore <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 05/03/2006 06:48:58
On May 2, 2006, at 1:01 PM, Garrett D'Amore wrote:

> I've noticed something that I consider to be poor form.

Me too.  In the next day or so, all of the old subr_prop.c stuff is  
going away completely.  In the new world, you'll do:

	obj = prop_dictionary_get(device_properties(dev), "videomode");
	if (obj != NULL) {
		/* access the data in obj */

In the new world order, if you want to test for "existing and non- 
empty", that depends on what kind of property object it is... if a  

	if (obj != NULL && prop_string_size(obj) != 0)
		/* ... */

Anyway, it will all be clear in a day or two.

-- thorpej