Subject: auich / real player / suse 10.0 under current -> audio broken
To: None <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/25/2006 23:04:45
Hi there,

I recently upgraded to the suse100 packages. Problem : Realplayergold 
does not work anymore. There is no audio. I'm not sure whether this is 
related to a bug in the suse100 package, the kernel linux emulation or 
the recent changes in auich. The audio slider does change something, 
because I have like a faint noise each time I move it, so it behaves 
normally, yet, there is no input, juste the sound of the void.

Worse, when I launch mplayer, nothing happens and I get a message like: 
/dev/audio device busy, no sound, even if no audio application runs.

Any clue?