Subject: Re: CCISS support, anyone?
To: Tonnerre LOMBARD <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/2006 10:44:30
On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Tonnerre LOMBARD wrote:

> > The comment `# Common Interface for SCSI-3 [Support]' seems
> > inappropriate to me; there's nothing "common" about this driver at
> > all, outside the context of particular Compaq RAID cards. So I think
> > the config-file comments should instead say something like
> No, this is really a common and standardized interface which has the name
> "Common interface for SCSI-3 Support".

  Um, where is this specified?  The Compaq document I found is clearly

Command Interface
for SCSI-3 Support
Open Specification

Version 1.04
Valence Number 1

Michael L. Hitch
Computer Consultant
Information Technology Center
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