Subject: Re: Cardbus BAR Mapping questions/PCI differences
To: None <>
From: Phil Quinton <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/15/2006 17:01:53
In article <>, 
> This sounds like something bogus in either the framework not handling
> this automatically or Cardbus drivers doing something they don't need to
> do.  Look at the Cardbus code to find out which it is. :-)

 Well I'm only just learning about Cardbus, and this is the first driver 
I've ever had to port/code, let alone the first code I've done for 
NetBSD, so if this code is needed in the driver... I don't know why... 
and I wouldn't know if this a framework related issue as the purpose 
isn't documented anywhere... so I'm at a loss.. 

 After looking at dev/carbus_map.c there doesn't seem to be anything 
that sticks out...

 I guess I'm going to have to email a few of the guys who coded the 
cardbus drivers for those cards in dev/cardbus and ask them.

BTW... if you have any general cardbus related info I would be more than 
gratefull if you would let me have a copy.

Thanks again,