Subject: Re: struct videomode
To: Michael Lorenz <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-kern
Date: 03/04/2006 12:34:57
On Mar 4, 2006, at 11:32 AM, Michael Lorenz wrote:

> At least we'd need a way for display drivers to access EDID data so  
> the
> iic stuff would need to be attached first. Maybe it makes more  
> sense to
> add some ioctl to wscons instead of using a separate device and then
> going through the hassle of figuring out which /dev/iic/monitor*  
> belongs
> to which display.

Yah, that's pretty much my point :-)

You don't need to attach a device instance at the i2c bus to use i2c,  
either... you could, in the ffb driver, for example, just read from  
the device at i2c address 0x80.

-- thorpej